1. Using the RCP software

1. To check the log files that are inside the SD card, open the RCP with V5 or higher and FW V3 or higher.

Figure 1. RCP software and firmware version compatible with SD-Card slot.

2. Go to the "Logger" tab, If SD card is installed "Refresh" button will light green and update the tables with Logs files inside the SD card.

Figure 2. Log files inside the SD card.

2. Reading directly from SD card

1. Use a Micro SD card adapter 

Extract the SD card inside the SMET by following the steps from this article: https://support.rheonics.com/support/solutions/articles/81000377217-how-to-extract-the-sd-card-from-sme

Figure 3. Micro SD card adapter

A micro SD card adapter is required to connect the micro SD card to a PC.

2. SD card files looks like this when connected to a PC.

Figure 4. Logs files as seens with a PC.

3. What happens with the RCP software when no SD card is installed?

Sometimes the SD card might be misplaced when extracting and installing it back. We can check this when trying to extract the files from an SD card inside the SMET with the RCP software the following behavior will be encountered.

1. Error Message "The file transfer was not successful"

Figure 5. Error message when file transfer was not successful

2. Refresh button goes red after pressing close button from error message

Figure 6. Refresh Button is highlighted in red when file transfer fails.