The USB driver provides a virtual COM-Port on the computer used for the Rheonics Control Panel.

For Windows 10 users: The Drivers should install automatically when the computer detects the sensor connected on USB port (Device manager will show the sensor on a COM port).

For Windows 7 users: 

  1. Connect the SME to the computer with the USB cable. 
  2. If the Windows does not find the drivers automatically, install the drivers manually. 
  3. The drivers will be located in the folder _DRIVERS on the flash drive. If you received a zip archive of the drivers. Extract the zip folder to your computer.
  4. Select ‘Browse my computer for driver software’ and navigate to the USB driver folder:   _DRIVERS\ USB\CDC
  5. Ensure subfolder checkbox is selected.
  6. Click Next and the driver will be installed.
  7. On successful installation, the rheonics sensor will show up as SME in the device manager Ports (COM & LPT) list.