Sensor Accessory: TMA-34N (SR-TANK-MOUNT-34NPT)

Rheonics inline density meter and viscometers can be installed in a tank using the convenient tank-mount adapters. The tank-mount adapters work with both SRV and SRD product lines.

Using the correct adapter, the sensor electronics can be mounted at the top of the tank mount adapter pole in the transmitter housing (SME-TRD or SME-TR) or the sensor cable can be run to electronics mounted elsewhere or in a cabinet box (SME-DRM).

Picture below shows various components of the tank mount system:

Field installation photos: showing SRD mounted in a mud pit on a drilling rig:

Components of a tank-mount adapter:

CAUTION: Only SRV or SRD with 3/4" NPT process connection can be used with this tank-mount adapter.

Close-up of sensor and tank-mount adapter:

You will also need a O-ring to create a seal between the sensor and the tank-mount adapter.

Steps to install the sensor in the tank-mount adapter.

Step 1: Insert O-ring into the groove inside the Protective cage - back:

Ensure, the o-ring sits inside the groove. This is important to avoid any leak from the fluid side into the extension pipe. The seal is not designed to withstand pressures above 2-3 bar (30-45psi). Do not use in pressurized environment, contact Rheonics support if you need to install in high pressure environments.

Installation video:

Step 2: Run sensor cable through the Protective cage - back:

Step 3: Connect sensor cable to the sensor (SRV or SRD).

Step 4: Align the HEX key on the sensor and fit into the Protective cage - back.

Step 5: Insert Protective cage - FRONT aligning the screw holes

Step 6: Tighten the screws to firmly connect the front of the Protective cage to the Back

Now the sensor is firmly mounted in the tank-mount adapter SR-TANK-MOUNT-34NPT

To install it in a tank, you will now need a pipe/pole with 3/4"NPT threaded end to connect to the tank mount adapter. Use teflon tape on the NPT thread to ensure seal against fluid ingress.

Extension pipe/pole is not supplied by Rheonics and should be sourced locally. Standard 3/4" NPT threaded end is needed on at least one side to connect to the tank-mount adapter. Alternatively, one can connect a pipe adapter to connect 1" pipe or another dimension pipe.

How to use the tank mount adapter with an EX rated sensor (SRV/SRD)?

The process of making the connection is the same and the tank mount adapter is same.

The sensor cable and connectors area little bigger than standard cable and connector. However the adapter is designed so the bigger connectors will still pass through.

Care must be exercised to ensure there is no damage to the cable or connector when passing it through the pipe which is connected to the tank mount adapter. As the pipe is sourced by the customer to their desired length, it is important that you check the ends to ensure there are no burrs which can damage the cable and the ID is large ehough for the cable connector to pass through.

The pictures below show the tank mount adapter with a EX sensor cable, connector and sensor.

Steps are described above, so these are only shown below pictorially:

Protective cage back view to show the connector and pipe connection and the cable running through pipe and into the protective cage.


  • Cable connection - remove the front of the protective cage, loosen cable gland at top of the pipe and then slide the sensor and cable out. Check connector is firmly tightened (hand-tighten).


  • SR Tank Adpater drawing