Most Rheonics sensors support ability to update configuration of the sensor in field when the interface firmware version is 3.00 or higher.

1. To begin


Interface firmware version 3.00 or higher.

RCP version 5.2 or higher


Update sensor configuration over USB especially when you have updated the firmware and want to apply the previous configuration.

How to check the sensor firmware version?

You can use RCP to connect to the sensor over USB, or Ethernet (If you need instructions on how to do this, refer to the RCP connection article Running the RCP Program). Go to SERVICE tab (1) and click REFRESH (2). You will see the Interface FW version in the Software Info box (3). The screenshot below shows Interface FW version is 3.10 so it is higher than 3.00.

2. How to update the sensor configuration?

You should have received an updated configuration file(s) from Rheonics Support. Save these files to a folder that you can access from RCP.

Open RCP, connect to the sensor

Check the sensor is connected (status Light will be GREEN), and the sensor type is populated correctly.

Check sensor s/n, firmware versions in settings tab are all populated. If it is not populated, then click REFRESH.


This needs a password which you should get from the RCP manual. You should read the manual to ensure that you are aware that Expert Mode should be used only by users who are trained and understand the consequences of making changes.

Once you are in EXPERT MODE, you will see the following screen:

Click on IMPORT to import the config files sent by Rheonics Support.

Browse and select the file that should be uploaded to the Sensor.

Only configuration file for that specific sensor (or sensor electronics) can be uploaded. If you get an error, check if you are uploading the right file or contact support to get the right file.

Upload all the configuration files you recieved in sequence. It is advised to wait till the sensor LED blinks GREEN before uploading the next one.

Once all the files are uploaded, click POWER RESET

This resets the power to the sensor and reboots the electronics.

Click EXPORT and email the file back to Rheonics support so we can check if the configuration update was successful.

Exit the EXPERT MODE by clicking the Disable Expert Mode button

3. Troubleshooting

Error uploading the configuration fileSensor may not be connected Check correct COM port is selected.
Sensor status light will be GREEN when sensor is connected. 
Error uploading the configuration fileIncorrect sensorCheck you are uploading the configuration to the correct sensor serial number. All configurations are valid only for the specified sensor serial number.

What to do if your fw version is not 3.00 or higher?

Contact and request an update of the firmware.

Can you enable/disable communication options in field?

Yes, you can. Request configuration codes by contacting support. There could be additional charge for the communication options and for the configuration.

4. References

Rheonics Control Panel (RCP) Manual

Electronics and communication options

Inline Viscometer, SRV

Inline Density Meter, SRD

HPHT Density and Viscosity meter, DVM

HPHT Density and Viscosity probe, DVP