Electronics Issues

No LED lights, display, or output signals

  1. Check power supply and cabling

Viscosity is not stable

  1. SRV viscosity output is compared against only the dynamic viscosity of the calibration fluids.
  2. The sensor is not fully in fluid.


Probe Issues

NaN values are displayed on the RCP software or PLC

  1. Check wiring from the probe to SME is correct.
  2. Measure the internal resistance from the probe


Communication Issues

No data is visible

  1. Try to reset the SME and/or restart your master.
  2. Check all settings are correct with RCP and controller side.
  3. Verify there is no duplicated address in the network
  4. Try to use the ping command to get a response from either the PLC or SME.
  5. Verify that the latest version of the GSD file is installed.
  6. Verify that the station name is unique over the network.


Data issues

The measured value is different from my reference standards

  1. SRV viscosity output is compared against only dynamic viscosity of the calibration fluids

Wrong Unit from the data stream

  1.  Unit is received as HEX representation, convert to decimal

Wrong readings for each parameter

  1. Verify each parameter is correctly mapped, some bytes are swapped

Sensor Status does not match any bit from the sensor status table

  1. Sensor status byte is swapped