This section describes how to install the GSD file in TIA portal software. 


1. Open a project.

2. Load GSD file

    2.1. Select [Manage general station description files (GSD)] in the [Options] menu.

Figure 1. Screenshot of GSD file upload in TIA portal.

    2.2. Select the file: GSDML-V2.4-Rheonics-SMET-20220321.xml, load, and install this file.

Figure 2. Adding GSDML file in TIA portal.

3. Rheonics sensor is now available in the hardware catalog.

    3.1. Select device configuration.

Figure 3. Select device configuration from the device tree.

4. From the [Hardware Catalog]

    4.1. Choose the appropriate Rheonics sensor.

Figure 4. Selecting appropriate device from Hardware Catalog.

   4.2. Select “Rheonics SMET” and add the device to your project.


Figure 5. Rheonics SMET device in the I/O device tree.

5. Rheonics sensor will appear in the topology view.

Figure 6. Rheonics sensor as it appears in Topology View.

6  Connect the Rheonics sensor SMET to the PLC

    6.1. Drag & drop the connection.

Figure 7. Screenshot showing Module Definition-Module Info.

7. Once PLC and SMET are connected you will find green wire that connects both PLC controller and rheonics sensor.

Figure 8. Establishing Profinet network by connecting Rheonics SMET to PLC in TIA portal software.