If we want to monitor the process with an external temperature sensor, do not want Zener barriers on the PT1000, or only need the viscosity parameter, we can still measure viscosity.


Rheonics has developed an algorithm that uses the frequency characteristics of the sensor to estimate the temperature. Because this temperature is highly inaccurate, it cannot be used as a control for any process. This estimated temperature will replace the PT1000 temperature measurement. If this is the intended use for the sensor, the sales team must be notified before ordering.

When temperature estimation is enabled, how does the SRV behave?


1. In standard configuration the Temperature that displays is the parameter “T”, if we go to the Event Tab from the RCP software we will notice two parameters for temperature; “Tp” (Temperature from PT1000) and “Te”(estimated temperature).

Figure 1. Data string when PT1000 is installed in the SMET

2. If we decide to remove the PT1000 wiring from the sensor, we are going to notice that the “Tp” parameter has the value of -273(This indicates that there is no PT1000 wired into the SMET) and that “Te” is now also on the “T” parameter.

Figure 2. Estimated temperature is replaced as the T parameter on the data string.

3. We can also notice from the Data String that the parameter “V” viscosity is always giving a reading from the sensor.

Figure 3. Viscosity parameter on the data string.

4. As an alert to the user, the error string will display a code “E04”, indicating that the PT1000 is not connected.

Figure 4. E04 error displayed when no PT1000 has been wired to the electronics.