PROFINET protocol is widely used in industrial automation systems, and it offers a high-speed data transfer capability, real-time performance, and flexible networking capabilities. PROFINET supports a number of automation applications because of its compatibility with a wide range of controllers and engineering tools. SRV in-line viscometer and SRD in-line density meter from Rheonics with PROFINET protocol enabled are also compatible with controllers and engineering tools for their configuration.

PROFINET-compatible controllers and engineering tools are available from Siemens, Schneider Electric, Phoenix Contact, Turck, Wago, B&R Automation, Beckhoff Automation, and many others. It means users can choose the brand that best suits their needs regarding performance, features, and budget when selecting the right automation devices for their applications. Some of the most common brands that provide engineering tools that are PROFINET compatible to be used to monitor or control SRV in-line viscometer and SRD in-line density meter from Rheonics are the following:

1. Siemens

Siemens provides a range of engineering tools for PROFINET, including the TIA Portal, an integrated engineering framework that supports a variety of PLCs, HMIs, and other automation devices. Integration with TIA Portal: PROFINET integration of Rheonics devices using TiA portal.

Figure 1. TIA Portal software(Left) and PLC programmer(S7-1500) [1]

2. Wago 

Wago provides engineering tools for their PFC200 and 750-8212 PLCs, which are PLCs fully compatible with the PROFINET protocol. Integration with Codesys: PROFINET integration of Rheonics devices using Codesys.

Figure 2. PROFINET compatible PLC PFC200 Wago[2]

3. Beckhoff Automation 

Beckhoff Automation provides a range of PROFINET-compatible controllers, including their CX series like the CX8093 (control system with PROFINET RT device interface). The engineering tool is TwinCAT 3 and it is specially designed to set the operation with Rheonics Sensor. PROFINET integration of Rheonics devices using TwinCAT

Figure 3. CX8093 | Embedded PC with PROFINET device[3]






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