The picture below shows the SME-TRD. 


  • Open the Red display cover by rotating it anti-clockwise. 


  • Now carefully pull out the display module as shown in the picture. Then you see the transmitter connections as below. 

  • Now connect the sensor cable as shown below. Make sure to follow the color code as below. Detailed information on connecting sensor cable to transmitter is in the respective (SRV, SRD, DVP, DVM) sensor installation and operation manual.


  • Now connect the 24 V DC power supply as below. Black wire (-negative terminal) in the image below is connected to port labeled ‘gnd’ and red wire (+positive terminal) connected to port labeled 24 V dc.

If your unit came with USB connection then you will have the setup to connect the USB cable as below. For more details on how to connect the USB, refer to the USB Connection to the Transmitter article.



Based on your preferred output method connect the 4-20 mA output wires to the terminal block on the top right. The connection setting can be found in the datasheet and is explained in Section 5 of the respective sensor installation and operation manual.

Here is the picture of the two-parts display connector. 


Part I should be inserted in the back of the display at location 0° (see image).


Back of the display module

Connector pin inserted in the back of the display module

And Part II should be inserted in the electronics at the display connector port as shown below. 


Then very carefully place the four black legs of the display module on the four metal legs of the transmitter housing (shown below) making sure that the display connector pins are aligned with the display connection port of the transmitter housing.


 After the display module in place, close the red cover and your sensor and transmitter connection is complete.