If you have ordered the USB connection then you will receive the unit with a USB adapter board as shown in picture below.  


To connect the USB cable, take off the green USB connector carefully and insert the USB cable through the hole in the transmitter. (see in the picture below)

Then connect the green USB connector to the USB cable as shown below.


Then place the USB connector in the USB connection in the transmitter as shown below.

Connect the other side of the USB cable to the computer USB port. You can now complete the other connections and connect the display module, close the transmitter and it is ready to use.

If you need USB connection just to connect for programming (set 4-20mA channel range, etc.) but don’t need it to be connected during the sensor operation, then the easier option is to take out the display and connect the USB cable (micro-USB end) directly in the micro-USB connector in the transmitter as shown below.


The display module will not connect in this mode. After you are finished programming the unit, you can take out the USB cable and connect the display module as mentioned before in this document.