All Rheonics sensor electronics come with an ethernet port. However whether it is active depends on the communication options you selected during the order.

SME-DRM Ethernet Cable Connection

SME-DRM is the DIN rail mount version of the sensor electronics which can use any standard Cat5, Cat6, Cat6e ethernet cables. The RJ45 connector is standard.

SME-TR Ethernet Cable Connection

Use a cable gland to run the ethernet cable through and then connect the ethernet cable to the electronics as shown in the pictures above for the SME-DRM.

SME-TRD Ethernet Cable Connection

SME-TRD uses a transmitter style housing with window cover. For SME-TR, there is no issue using a standard ethernet cable. However in SME-TRD with a display and glass window cover, a standard ethernet cable is too stiff to bend underneath the display.

For SME-TRD with display, we recommend that you use flat ethernet cable as shown in the photos below.

Ethernet cable is then run through the side ports using a cable gland.

Ensuring IPXX rating on the ethernet cable connection to the SME-TR/TRD transmitter

To ensure IP protection, the ethernet cable should be run through a cable gland.

You have multiple options to run the ethernet cable through cable gland.

Option 1: Use a cable gland with a split sealing insert for flat ribbon cables

Option 2: Use a ethernet RJ45 cable gland adapter. 

An example of ethernet RJ45 cable gland connector/adapter is:


Cable Gland - Waterproof RJ-45 / Ethernet connector - RJ-45


Video in attachment show the connection of the internal and external ethernet cables.

Internal cable is a flat ribbon cable as mentioned above which is easy to bend underneath the display. External cable is a standard ethernet roung cable that seals using the cable gland.

There are multiple other vendors for this type of Ethernet RJ45 cable gland connectors.

Option 3: Using a coupler and standard ethernet cable through a typical cable gland

This method uses a coupler to connect the flat ethernet cable to the external ethernet cable.


Run the external ethernet cable through cable gland.

Connect the external ethernet cable to the internal flat ethernet cable using the ethernet coupler.

Flat ethernet cable is connected to the SMET.


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