Logix Designer is a useful tool for programming Rockwell PLCs, the following steps describe how to install the eds from Rheonics to get important data for the user.

1. Open up a project.

2. Install the eds file. Open the “Tools” menu and select “EDS Hardware Installation Tool”


Figure 1. Installing the .eds file.

3. On the Controller Organizer window, right‐click on the Ethernet module under I/O Configuration Tab and add a New Module.

Figure 2. Adding SRV module.


4. New Module added to IO tree

Figure 3. IO module (SRV-SMET).

5. Module definition shows the IO connection info like data size for the input, output, and data type(This value might depend on the eds file version).

Figure 4. Module Definition-General.

6. Set the connection for RPI 3200 and Connection over Ethernet/IP multicast

Figure 5. Module Definition-Connection.


7. Module Info provides information from sensor serial number and sensor type, and revision.

Figure 6. Module Definition-Module Info.

8. Internet Protocol helps to set the IP Address from SMET (This IP address must match the one defined on the RCP software)

Figure 7. Setting IP Address from SMET to Logix Designer.



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