All Rheonics sensor electronics come with an ethernet port. However whether it is active depends on the communication options you selected during the order.

SME-DRM Ethernet Cable Connection

SME-DRM is the DIN rail mount version of the sensor electronics which can use any standard Cat5, Cat6, Cat6e ethernet cables. The RJ45 connector is standard.

SME-TR and SME-TRD Ethernet Cable Connection

SME-TR and SME-TRD use a transmitter style housing with a cover. For SME-TR, there is no issue using a standard ethernet cable. However in SME-TRD with a display and glass window cover, a standard ethernet cable is too stiff to bend underneath the display.

For SME-TRD with display, we recommend that you use flat ethernet cable as shown in the photos below.

Ethernet cable is then run through the side ports using a cable gland.