What products are involved?
All Rheonics sensors, transmitters and cables that have an IP rating.
What is the purpose of this article?
To explain the meaning of IP ratings, its digits and the protection levels Rheonics products have.

1. IP Ratings overview

IP (Ingress Protection or International Protection Mark) from IEC60529, rates the protection against instrusion of solids, accidental contact, dust, water and steam into mechanical housings and electrical enclosures.

Categories are based on the use of two digits, which have specific meanings each, as follows.

Figure 1: IP rating digits meaning.

2. What does Rheonics offer?

Rheonics SR-sensors have IP69K rating. These and other devices protection ratings are detailed in the next table. 

Figure 2: IP69K inline viscometer - SRV.

Figure 3: IP69K inline density and viscosity probe - SRD.

IP RatingProtection level descriptionRheonics device

Protection against solids greater than Ø12mm. No protection against water and any fluid.

SME-DRM sensor electronics for mounting on DIN rail, used in cabinets


Total protection against intrusion of dust and solids. Protection against temporary flooding.

Standard sensor cable

SME-TR, sensor electronics in transmitter housing 

SME-TRD, sensor electronics in transmitter enclosure with display


Sensor probe body are hermetically sealed and offer complete protection against intrusion of dust, solids and high pressure water or steam into the internal components. 

For probes: overall protection level of the M12 connector on the probe depends on the IP rating of the connector used. 

SRV, inline viscometer 

SRD, inline density and viscosity probe

DVP, HPHT density and viscosity meter

DVM, HPHT density and viscosity module

Sensor cable with IP69K rated M12 connector


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